i.o.i(아이오아이)very very very(너무너무너무) cover dance WAVEYA(웨이브야) – WAVEYA2011

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WAVEYA is a dance group formed in South Korea, consisting of two sisters. The elder sister is referred to as Ari and her real name is Jang Eun Young. The younger sister, who is nicknamed MiU and real name Jang You Sun is Jang Eun Young. Her real name is Jang You Sun. They began their dance troupe over a decade years ago. Since then, they has undergone numerous changes. There were many female members at first. Like you’d expect from any South Korean amateur dance group There were some ugly sexually explicit sluts. Many of the original girls soon realized they did not have the confidence to behave as sluts.
WAVEYA Dance Group performs a variety of dance videos as well as events. They mostly do kpop dance music, which they post on YouTube. However, they will also make dance videos of international and western artists as well as songs. They are most famous for doing twerk videos, in addition to wearing tight and revealing clothing.

Contact WAVEYA and information about social media:
Adult Member site: https://memberme.net/waveya

광고문의 contact : waveya777@naver.com

Waveya 웨이브야 인스타그램 Instagram:

웨이브야 고양이채널 Waveya Cat channel : https://www.youtube.com/WAVEYAmiu
Facebook page: facebook.com/WaveyaDanceGroup

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The group started posting videos of their dance performances on a Korean portal website in 2006. Waveya gained popularity after they established their YouTube channel and has gained more than 3.5 million users since its creation in 2011. Videos by Waveya showcase dance routines which incorporate songs from American and Brazilian artists, as well with their own choreography.

Since the start of the group since its inception, there have been a number of changes to the group’s lineup. Waveya’s popularity started to increase as soon as they uploaded an YouTube video in which they danced to Psy’s smash song Gangnam Style. Since since then, Waveya has produced YouTube videos, performed at concerts, and has also made commercials. Waveya has performed in concerts in various countries including Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Sweden.

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i.o.i(아이오아이)very very very(너무너무너무) cover dance WAVEYA(웨이브야)

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instagram : waveyaari / waveyamiu arimiulovelovecat/waveyastyle waveya777@naver.com facebook.com/WaveyaDanceGroup Twitter:ARIWVY / waveyaMIU

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