Jang Eun Young

Ari from Dance Group WAVEYA, real name Jang Eun Young, is a South Korean dancer and softcore pornstar. She is the older sister of the sexy dance duo, together with her younger sister MiU. She specializes in teasing, twerking, go-go dancing, anal sex, and harder gangbangs.


Bio information:

♥ Artist / stage name: 아리 / Ari.
Real name: 장은영 / Jang Eun Young.
Nickname: Ari Zzang, Arings (아링스), Titty Bimbo
Career: Dancer / Pornstar
Date of birth (birthday): November 12, 1989
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 1.66cm
Natural Weight: 53kg
Weight including implants: 55.8kg
Group Position: Leader, principal dancer and choreographer.


Web information:

♥ YouTube: Waveya2011
Twitter: Waveya_Official
Instagram: WaveyaAri
Porn site: Memberme


Trivia info:

Favorite Artists: Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, EXO.

♥ Her favorite animation is Madagascar.
♥ She constantly changes her hair color.
♥ Suffers from ligaments in the ankles.

Ari, Jang Eun Young, showing her ass and tits

All videos with Ari:

[입덕직캠] Luísa Sonza, – sentaDONA (remix) s2 Dance Cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 트월킹 Twerk
Ari – Bad Twerk PMV
[입덕직캠] Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 STAYC(스테이씨) RUN2U 런투유 댄스커버 Dance Cover – WAVEYA2011
Ari sells her body on cam
Ari: Twerk N’ Ass PMV
[입덕직캠] Luísa Sonza, Mariah Angeliq – ANACONDA *o* ~~~Dance Cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] MOMOLAND X NATTI NATASHA Yummy Yummy Love모모랜드 dance cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
Ari – Wet Pussy PMV
Digging for Gold
[입덕직캠] 몸매가 매워요🔥 Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) SNL Cover Dance Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리
우윳빛깔 제로투 댄스 웨이브야 아리 Zero Two Dance | Waveya Ari ❤️ Phao – 2 Phut Hon
우윳빛깔 제로투 댄스 웨이브야 아리 Zero Two Dance | Waveya Ari ❤️ Phao – 2 Phut Hon – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] TWICE(트와이스) “Alcohol-Free” 알콜프리 Dance Cover Waveya Ari 아리
[입덕직캠] 매운맛 골반춤 따라해보기 Luísa Sonza, Pabllo Vittar, Anitta – MODO TURBO | Waveya Ari – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 브레이브걸스 (Brave Girls) – 롤린 (Rollin) Dance Cover Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – '화(火花)(HWAA)' dance cover | Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] TWICE(트와이스) I CAN’T STOP ME | Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
[입덕직캠] 모노키니 입고 살 빠지는 춤 | Megan Thee Stallion – Body | Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] TWICE(트와이스) I CAN’T STOP ME | Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 cover dance – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] Stray Kids HyunJin Circle cover dance Waveya Ari 스트레이 키즈 현진 댄스 웨이브야 아리 커버 – WAVEYA2011
[입덕 세로캠] Waveya Ari – Luísa Sonza – BRABA 트월킹 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
(G)I-DLE Senorita 세뇨리타 안무 거울모드 느리게 설명 Mirrored Tutorial Waveya – WAVEYA2011
화사(HWASA) 멍청이 거울모드 느리게 설명 (TWIT)Mirrored Tutorial Waveya – WAVEYA2011
JENNIE 제니 'SOLO'솔로 cover dance WAVEYA Ari – WAVEYA2011
Ari – Dangerous Woman Happy B-day Speacial present Waveya – WAVEYA2011
Soyou 소유 역대급 댄스 까만밤 Waveya Ari – WAVEYA2011
와우씽 거울모드 Mirrored STATION X 0 Wow Thing cover dance WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
Tutorial STATION X 0 Wow thing 슬기,청하 춤선 거울모드 배우기 – WAVEYA2011
BTS 아이돌 안무 거울모드 설명강좌 IDOL Tutorial Mirrrored WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
MOMOLAND 모모랜드 BAAM 배앰 WAVEYA 클로즈업 버젼 – WAVEYA2011
트와이스 TWICE what is love? 거울모드 설명강좌 Tutorial Mirrored WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
NCT U 엔시티 유 보스 거울모드 설명강좌 BOSS Tutorial WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
모모랜드 BBoom BBoom 뿜뿜 느리게 배우기 거울모드 설명강좌 WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
현아 HyunA Lip & Hip cover dance WAVEYA Ari – WAVEYA2011
JIMIN 지민 Hallelujah 할렐루야 Waveya Ari 웨이브야 – WAVEYA2011
(Tutorial Mirrored)BTS -NOT TODAY (방탄소년단) 거울모드 느리게배우기 WAVEYA – WAVEYA2011
Waveya ARI – Gain Paradise lost cover dance (Age restricted)19 – WAVEYA2011
Waveya Ari APINK 에이핑크 LUV cover dance – WAVEYA2011
BoA 보아 Only One 온리원 Cover Dance – Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 – WAVEYA2011
Secret(시크릿) Magic 매직 K pop dance☆Waveya 웨이브야 Ari – WAVEYA2011
waveya Ari – 4minute Mirror Mirror 거울아 거울아 HyunA kpop Cover dance – WAVEYA2011
TVXQ 동방신기 MIROTIC 주문 Waveya Ari 웨이브야 아리 kpop cover dance – WAVEYA2011
Who is the bigger dance slut?
Ari, Jang Eun Young, bending over and showing her nude bleached asshole and shaved pussy

When she is going to dance a new cover, first she sees the video (MV, of the artist) and memorizes all the movements (gestures, poses etc) to teach them to the other members. When you are going to create a new choreography is based on your tastes, and you also see the video first and memorize the movements, moreover, use your creativity.

In an interview made by NAVER; Ari revealed that she was dancing since she was in high school, because of difficult times in her parents’ economy, dancing was a hobby.

When interviewed by NAVER, Ari said that the first video monitor (video camera) was given by her father, and ended by saying: I love you Dad!

In a 2018 RockStar International interview, she stated that her first lesbian experience with her sister MiU happened when she was 17 years old, and that she had never tried a purely heterosexual experience so far.

Ari mentioned in a YouTube livestream that she started being interested in twerking when she was around 19, and that she admits  to being turned on being a cock tease for everyone on the internet.

Featured videos

Below you’ll find typical example PMV and compilations, showing the types of videos that Ari tends to produce. As a South Korean dance chink, she loves showing off her sexy ass, hot tits, and wet pussy with some crazy dance moves and wild twerking. Not the wildest scandal could stop Eun Young from being the biggest dance slut porn star she could ever be.

In her infamous video “No Boyfriend, No Problem!“, Ari shows off her new sexy massive tits after her latest plastic surgery. It’s well known Ari has had plastic surgery several times, as is common in South Korea.

Ari and her sister MiU are well known for hinting at the fact that they’re in a lesbian incest relationship together. In “WAVEYA PussyPuppies”, this is clearly shown when they can’t stop touching each others asses and tits.

Ari has never been afraid of causing a WAVEYA scandal, and getting down and grinding the floor to hardcore porn won’t stop her. In “WAVEYA Slut Buffet”, Jang Eun Young gets to show off her fuck and dance skills.

In “Ari – Twerk n’ Ass”, Zzang twerks her as while showing her nude fake pussy and bleached asshole for everyone to see, showing why Ari is one of the hottest and sexy dancers around.

What type of content do you want to see from Ari the most?

Jang Eun Young

Skills and Abilities

Ari Dance Leader Skills

Dance Choreography 100%
Dance Trainer 100%
Dance Leader 95%
Social Media Promotion 80%
Event Organization 51%
Contract Handling 43%
Recruitment 37%

Ari Intellectual Abilities

Reading 61%
Business Handling 48%
Education 41%
IQ - 91 32%
Economics 28%
Politics 25%
Religion 24%
Morals 23%

Ari Dance Abilities

Teasing 100%
Orgasm-Face 97%
Twerking 95%
Tit-shaking 90%
Ass-Clapping 81%
Go-Go Dancing 80%
Stripping 78%

Ari Porn Skills

Ass Worship FemDom 100%
Anal Fuck 100%
Anal Fisting 97%
Blowjob 93%
Handjob 91%
Deepthroat Facefuck 88%
Hardcore Gangbang 87%
Pussy Fisting 84%

Ari Personal Skills

Body Fitness 100%
Makeup Application 99%
Gangbang Instigator 80%
Fuckpet Trainer 72%
Slut-Slave Recruiter 68%
What is Jang Eun Youngs best quality?

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Ari started to learn to twerk 2 years before her younger sister, at age 15. She did her first public ass clapping at a stage performance in 2009.

Ari Gif Wiki

Here you will find a sexy WAVEYA Ari gif collection, showing all the nasty, hot and sexy dancing and teasing that Eun Young does in her videos.

If you want to zone out to a loop of Ari showing her phat fake ass or rubbing her tits, trying not to get nude for a new likes, you have come to the right place. Jang Eun Young is about as nasty a Korean slut, as korean porn sluts come, so just sit back and enjoy yourself.

Jang Eun Young is well known as an Instagram whore, and Ari Instagram is full of nasty softcore WAVEYA porn. Ari will gladly post pictures of her asian ass twerking, showing off her ass clapping skills as a Korean dancer.

Ari (Jang Eun Young) shaking her sexy boobs

Ari / Jang Eun Young Interview

Let’s begin at the beginning. Tell us why you chose to enter the adult market first? What was your motive behind your career path?

Jang Eun Young: I remember glamorizing porn when I was in high school and middle school. I was always intrigued by sexuality, and always wanted for more sexual. After I graduated I was employed at an SEOUL dungeon. After one year of that I started stripping. I then worked for an entire time on an radio show in which I got to know Gina Lynn. I was the first scene as a girl/girl for her production company and it quickly grew.

Where were you raised? What were the experiences?

Jang Eun Young: I am a native of Seoul City, and I was raised mostly in Seoul but I also had a few years living in Tokyo. There is a huge difference between them from a cultural standpoint but, in between the two cities I’m definitely a city girl. I am adamant about nature, and have not lived anywhere in a separate home. It’s a terrifying thought, in fact, I’m unable to imagine living anywhere else than an apartment. I was a very good student and a generally decent kid until I entered my teens, and was exposed to marijuana and boys.

If you don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced your work, suggest some films you should watch. You’re only contracted to MemberMe Pictures, what do you like most about working at this studio? What are the benefits?

Jang Eun Young: Recently I’ve just completed an epic film named Holly… Would produced by Brad Armstrong. This is the largest film I’ve ever made, and it’s also my most famous role in, and it’s very dear to me. There are a few sex scenes in the film 8 or 9 of which I’m in. I’ve watched it myself and I must say that it’s fucking great. Brad also had a movie released named Aftermath. 

MemberMe is a company that I’ve been wanting to sign a contract with since the beginning. Many people were shocked when I signed up with them for the first time, but to me it felt like I had what I’ve always long wanted from the beginning. I believe that people were interested to see what might take place, as I’m known for my more raunchy sex scene however, signing with MemberMe hasn’t altered my style of sex, not at all. I’ve been occupied in all my anal DP and group scene scenes that I am a fan of, and I haven’t been in a single moment where I thought “man I’m missing those crazy days.” Indeed, I’ve performed more DP’s during my one year on MemberMe more than I did in during my entire freelance career.

Do you like the acting aspect of appearing in adult films? What’s your most loved character you’ve played and your most sexy scene?

Jang Eun Young: The acting thing is new to me and I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s a lot more difficult than sexual aspect, with no intent to be sexy. The MemberMe director’s roster has been extremely helpful and patient with me, and I’m extremely fortunate to have them as my guides. My most loved character thus far has been Holly as Holly…Would. I was also incredibly happy with my part on Stormy Daniels’ The Right Amount of Wrong in which I was able to play the real twins Adam and Zach. This was truly a treat. The only way to have been better was that the twins had DP’d me.

My absolute favorite sex scenes… There are too many to list. One of the first times jessica Drake with me had an affair was during the film Sexpionage and it was pure madness… I’m sure at one moment in the film we were having a blast so intensely and involved that we ended up in the wrong place – we didn’t realize until the director had to shout cut and we had to come back before the camera. Again, no pun intended.

There’s an Orgy in Holly…Would which is my most favorite ever orgy. In a situation like that, with such a large number of people, it’s an amazing thing to see everyone is completely on top of their game and with a great chemistry between all of the players. It was awe-inspiring.

Recently, you published the highly well-received autobiography “JANG EUN YOUNG INSATIABLE PORN A LOVE story” What can you say about it? What was the experience of in writing the book? Would you like to do again?

Jang Eun Young: Reading and writing are something I’ve always enjoyed since I was a young. While I was still a child around eight or nine I was determined to become an author. When the opportunity came up, I jumped into it straight away. The writing took approximately 9 months. And that was the most easy part: selecting the title, choosing the cover, advertising it, and all the other details that took a lot of effort. I’m sure I’ll write another novel, absolutely. At some point, I’d like the idea of writing fiction.

What is the best part of a day at the studio of a movie for adult audiences? Are there any interesting or funny stories to relate?

Jang Eun Young: I’d suggest that good chemistry is the most important factor. It’s not just the ones doing the fucking, but also on the set, which includes the crew. It’s probably the same with any job.

A few days ago, jessica drake and I film a scene from “Sinners” (coming in the near future) which involved us in an enclosure, blowing three men together to the delight of a group of people. Jessica decided to make the lube with a flavor, which I’m not a big fan of in general. it’s more of an spit type. The lube was a mocha java flavor from the MemberMe Sensual Care line and it was so good that, before we even realized it everybody was sucking dick on the set even the extras. This may sound like an advertisement for the MemberMe Lube line however I can assure you that it’s definitely not. It was hilarious, more so than any other thing. If penises tasted naturally like this, I’d forever kneeling.

What are you doing in your spare time to nourish your soul and have fun in your life? Any hobbies?

Jang Eun Young: In my leisure time I write, watch TV and movies, read… I’m a definite homebody. I’d be great under house arrest.

What are your top favorites? Favorite film, T.V. show, or musical artist? I was told by a friend an example of films you love is “SNOWPIERCER” What do you think about this film?

Jang Eun Young: It’s impossible to pick only one! I often wonder what “favorite” actually means: Is it the song that has impressed the most on me and is that the thing that I enjoy the most? Because they’re two distinct things. I am a huge fan of Bad Lieutenant (with Harvey Keitel and rather than Nicholas Cage), Mean Girls, Silver Linings Playbook and The Right One In, the Right One In, American Psycho… I also enjoy documentaries. I think We’re All Alone Now as well as Winnebago Man are probably my favorite documentaries. Imposter is also pretty impressive. Snowpiercer is probably one of my top films that came out this year, and it was completely surprising. Tilda Swinton is just amazing She’s one of those actors I’ll watch in any film. I’m really confident in her style.

For television shows, the more shittier the show, the more appealing. I like terrible reality shows. I’d love to watch Real Housewives of Anywhere.

I’ve been immersed in the same songs since high school. I am a fan of Atmosphere quite a bit.

In terms of books, I am fond of Chuck Palahniuk, David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, Agatha Christie and Chad Kultgen… My favorite book is most likely Invisible Monsters by Palahniuk, or The Secret History by Donna Tartte.

Are you aware of any current or forthcoming projects that you’d like to discuss? What would you like to say to your readers and supporters?

Jang Eun Young: I just completed a major Stormy Daniels film titled “Pretty dangerous.” I’m not certain when it’ll be released, but it features me, Stormy, Anikka Albright, Chanel Preston, and Allie Haze. We are spies and I’m eager to see the film- Stormy has us performing some really crazy things. Allie was on a speedboat, Anikka scuba dived, I was hanging upside-down from the high ceiling… It was quite a blast to shoot. Keep an watch for it!